Saturday, August 26, 2006

mic check, one two

It's common sense that first impressions are important - our initial experiences shape our future handlings. This is something I've been thinking quite a bit about lately, particularly in relation to music - nearly everyone's taste is constantly evolving and growing, but where did that base, that foundation come from? It's a question that's difficult to answer. I do know that what I live for - musically, at least - is that sort of epiphany you have every once in a while when you're digging and discovering. It might be something as simple as finding a great riff or hook. It might be something as momentous as realizing there's a whole new genre of music out there that you've never listened to before. One of the biggest ones for me, however, was the first show I ever saw live. The band was Luna.

Luna is a love-child of the Velvet Underground; it's obvious that frontman Dean Wareham and company are enamored of the slowly propulsive guitar drones, looping bass riffs, and straightforward drums that the VU made so perfectly. I meant that "love-child" part literally, though; where Lou Reed was the paragon of NY hipster cool, Wareham instead chooses whimsy and an affected sleepy innocence.

Luna - Lovedust

This song, more than any other, sums up Luna for me. It's perfect for those times when the air seems to be filled with a sort of drugged elation. The flourishes are what make the song - the lazy, soaring guitars; the bells and castanets at 3:12.
This is a song for watching the sunset go down with someone you love. It is also, depending on how you look at it, a song for a 13-year old boy who is discovering music all over again.

Hi. Welcome to Kind of Like Floating. My name is Sam; I love pop music.


fascistsoundwaves said...

Sam! Really great track mate. I get kind of a Neil Young vibe in there, along with VU. It must have been a wonderful show (how was Son Volt, by the way?).

I can recall my first live show. Ted Leo and the Pharmacists out promoting Hearts of Oak at The Graceland haha. What I time. The venue isn't even called Graceland anymore. How I miss the cigarette smoke. Thanks for your post!

Post-Paint Boy said...

Hey man, love the track you posted. I love Luna, and was wondering what cd that track was from. I have Penthouse and Bewitched, which are brilliant though Penthouse is my personal favorite. Anyway, if you don't have Penthouse you should check it out-and if you do, listen to the song Rhythm King.

I must say though, my first show was Sonic Youth when i was about 10 (w/ my dad) and they were in their whole 'experimental' stage, say the least I wasn't very into it. But my second show when i was a little more...aware of the whole music thing was the Long Winters and it really stuck with me, so you may have something there.

Thanx for the kickass post

Indigobusiness said...

Good blog, Sam.

Keep it up.

floating Sam said...

Sean - Son Volt was pretty great! I'll see you soon enough at Bumbershoot, though; let's talk then.

Colin - That is the first track off of Romantica, which is a solid album, but Penthouse is definitely their best - I agree.

and thanks, Indigo, whoever you are!

fascistsoundwaves said...

Man, Mr. Floating Samwise, what a celeb!