Sunday, August 27, 2006

technical messy

I've recently been enamored with (now)five-piece Dutch band We vs. Death. Comprised completely of instrumentals, their sound is startlingly immediate, both meditative and cathartic. It's difficult not to be drawn in by the majestic sprawl in their driving rhythm, swelling brass, and pulsing post-rock anthems. Their melodies lilt, sway, and escalate into beautiful aural climaxes; build swaying edifices reminiscent of Explosions in the Sky.
We vs. Death - Wave Goodbye
We vs. Death - Pictures From Stellenbosch
We vs. Death - And How to Translate It

Next up is the eccentric 7 Year Rabbit Cycle, an Oakland-based band featuring Rob Fisk and Kelly Goode(ex-Deerhoof). Their sound is characterised by starkly organic compositions, desultory percussion, and jaunty vocals.
7 Year Rabbit Cycle - Pirate
7 Year Rabbit Cycle - Wren
7 Year Rabbit Cycle - Puppies

I saw these fellas in Los Angeles, it was quite the spectacle. Captain Ahab ejaculate the vulgar inner dialogue of women in various stages of life over sleazy house beats. They're a pink samurai sword up the ass,
but you know you like it.
Captain Ahab - Ride
Captain Ahab - Party Baby
Captain Ahab - Girls Gone Wild


fascistsoundwaves said...

Great post. We vs Death was on this great p-r compilation bit I got a while ago. You'd probably appreciate it. The retro-punk-pop-electro-bushido-business of Ahab is refreshing.

floating Sam said...

I am so, so glad you're doing this with us. Thank you.

I'm headin' to the bay area for Spring Break - you should let me know what's worth seeing.

SoMuchFlotsam said...
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SoMuchFlotsam said...

Thanks, for the link, Sean.
So I hear Nick is joining the ranks?

That's so sweet of you to say, Sam.

That's quite aways from now, but I'd be more then happy to let you know what would be happening 'round these parts in the spring.

fascistsoundwaves said...

Like floating sam said, you're addition to the ranks is really valuable, given that everyone else save Nick will be from the North North West (Nick'll be even further North, but that's a bit different). And yes, Nick has agreed to post with us. I've sent him an invite, but I'm starting to wonder whether I should resend at this point.

I might be situated in the Bay area for college...but who can tell at this point.

SoMuchFlotsam said...

That's funny, I was considering going to school in Seattle or Portland.