Sunday, September 10, 2006

beat drooz

It feels so good to immerse yourself in the effervescent cloudburst that is Yesterday’s New Quintet. Madlib’s jazz hip-hop fusion side-project deploys the electric piano and clavichord fused with a small synthesizer to create a genre-muddling sound exclusive to YNQ.
Yesterday's New Quintet - Prelude
Yesterday's New Quintet - Julani
Yesterday's New Quintet - Uno Esta
Yesterday's New Quintet - Sun Godess

Coughs play out like some deranged carnival calliope or like heavily corrugated metal; Anya Davidson howls her spinto like a scorned prom queen backed by racking guitar riffs, ungainly percussion and a whining saxophone. Be that as it may, they’re not without appeal. Their brand of skronk has a massive head trauma charm that makes you feel warm on the inside. To be played at high volumes.
Coughs - Elephant
Coughs – Fright Makes Right
Coughs – Garter Snake
Coughs - Narwahl

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fascistsoundwaves said...

Even though my dad found Coughs jarring, I think this is another thoroughly solid set Vic.

In case you didn't see it, my post before the Bumbershoot thing addresses concerns about the file upload situation. It's pretty important that the issue be discussed, and I'd appreciate yours and everyone else's sides to it. Thank'ee!