Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Banners and flags

Can it be? Personal webspace? Yes. And after the caching and template edit issues, it's gotten its shakey self off the ground for the time being. This is where we present the reader with information, news, and...well...music. It being a ramshakle venture and all, let's give it a shot.

A shakey selection, quavering strings and horns and tones, the running theme seeming "homemade." Sean from Said the Gramophone afforded reference to two: Antarctica Takes It! and The Red River. The final group, The Briney Depths, rounds off in rustic whistling and strumming. Yes, their brushes quaver and shake. But the color of their dreams and affairs stands out on the canvas with striking resolve.

The Briney Depths -- "Calling Out"
Antarctica Takes It! -- "Circuits"
Antarctica Takes It! -- "I'm No Lover"
The Red River -- "The Real Danger"
The Briney Depths -- "No Culture No Past"
The Red River -- "The Mighty Tide"



Antarctica Takes It on MySpace and around the blogosphere.
Image courtesy of The Briney Depths on MySpace.

edit 8-23: The Red River tracks will now be online for a limited time. Highly recommended!

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