Monday, September 18, 2006


When I see someone use the genre label 'post rock' in a sentence, I have to ask myself "post what?" Are we already beyond rock? Did I miss the memo and get stuck back in that era-ancien, Arctic Monkeys time period? The title itself makes me think of a great ideological leap in musicality. Though it's almost pretentious in nature, it causes me to stop for while. And consider. What's become of the ole' rock/pop unigenre? Not too long ago it was restricted to a few bands fortunate enough to make it onto labels, and through successive decades of marketing and fashion, it's beginning to shatter into fragments, empowering those smaller local labels.

Maybe it'll all come to a sudden stop one day. Musicians will put down their instruments and become lawyers and real estate salesmen. But what would fill the gaping artistic hole? Would we revert back to Elvis and Zepplin? Maybe it'd be more like the mass sobering of western society in the aftermath of World War II. Classical music and post rock will be all that is left in the wake of change...Like music's own existentialist revolution.

It'll be that throaty French woman's voice, trailing from the dusty radio in Saving Private Ryan, that saves the art. Maybe then we'd be post-something. Or maybe we'd just have outdated ourselves.

Mono - 16.12
The Evpatoria Report - Cosmic Call
Chopin - Nocturne in Eb major (Op 55 No 2 performed by Donald Betts)
Explosions in the Sky - Day Six
Chopin - Etude in Ab major (Op 25 No 1 performed by Donald Betts)
The Evpatoria Report - CCS Logbook
Foxhole - Forgiving Monarch
Joy Wants Eternity - From Embrace to Embrace
Rachmaninoff - Piano Concerto


Post-Paint Boy said...

first of all, truly brilliant post. i've wondered the same myself many times. personally my bet is that there will be some new type of music. however, we can't ever predict it because nobody knows what will become popular. ten years ago do you think anybody thought that something like The Arcade Fire would be around or anything else of that sort?

Second of all, i really like your playlist, it has a great flow to it. i must say you should be a DJ, you know how to make your playlists flow (like that CD you made). that's a definate skill to be cultivated.

Rock on you sexy beast!

fascistsoundwaves said...

Gratsi's. Thanks for listening

Tatyana said...

Nice post)
Hey, if you ever red this comment...
I wonder what is the length of the song "The Evpatoria Report - CCS Logbook"; if it's not 8.34, then I'm really interested in your reuploading it...
I'm looking forward for your answer...