Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Winter is a state of mind

Over the past few years, Winter has become my favorite season. I look forward to those dark weekend evenings, when you can hear distant sounds trailing from the performance hall at the local church. Its pews cleared and its doors open, the place turns into a gathering spot for teens of all ages, and its echoey acoustics bear the noises of bands and audience members through all corners of the intersection in front of my house. Sadly, I've never heard the sounds of this band echoing off the telephone poles, resounding between houses, and consolidating in the pools of light under those street lamps that turn on a bit earlier than the others. But they've played that venue (and yes, they're local). And I can relish only in the prospect of coupling Boat's quirky, meaningful songs with the busy lives of their audience; teens who still fight with their parents, still love their lovers, and still appreciate the finer points of killing their eardrums. God I'm going to miss this place.

These are from Boat's live performance at KEXP, a local nonprofit station that supports great alternative music:

Boat - Clogged Castle Quickly
Boat - Greased Hairclip
Boat - Holding All the Globes
Boat - Laterus Last Cans

The photo is a work of The Knitters, I believe. Apparently they're sort of a gang that, as opposed to tagging, leaves street art in the form of knitted works that cover telephone poles, mailboxes, anything. Also the signs in the background make me suspect that this photo is of a tag in Fremont (very funky Seattle district, in case people visit).


SoMuchFlotsam said...

The Knitters remind me of the Sprinkle Brigade.
A little puerile, but entertaining nonetheless. My favorite is "Excaliber".

And while you're at it,
you might as well take a look at this; http://www.poetv.com/video.php?vid=1676
John Basedow vs. Larry
Watch how Larry licks the knife.
It's all very homoerotic.

Great posts by the way.

fascistsoundwaves said...

Haha, thanks for the links. Good laughs.

And to think I ever wondered why white guys never got upstaged in Kurosawa films...

SoMuchFlotsam said...

In what film did Kurosawa cast crackers?!

fascistsoundwaves said...

But that's just it...he never does