Saturday, January 06, 2007

God Hates 21+ Shows

So. Sparklehorse is coming to town. It's gonna be fucking amazing, but (Surprise, Surprise!) it's 21+. i'm so pissed i could spit.

All the same, Sparklehorse is a fantastic band that hasn't gotten nearly the attention it deserves, and so, here goes nothing:

Picture a Beatles song. Add about 10 more layers of depth, and some amazingly sweet and lovely vocals, and you can begin to get some idea of what Sparklehorse sounds like, but this leaves out the sheer raw intensity and beautiful power pop songs that are thrown into the mix. Truly, the only way to give any hint as to the sheer magic of this sound is to let you listen to it for yourself:
I would stongly suggest going to see him if you are able to, and if you liked any of this music, email me at and i'd be glad to send you more.

In my opinion the best CD is Good Morning Spider, but they're all great and very diverse and it just depends on your taste in music. Sample them all and it will be worth your while.


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