Wednesday, January 03, 2007

We'll walk on all fours

Black Bear - Black Bear
Black Bear - Your Princess is Priceless
Black Bear - Eve of the Fall
Black Bear - Like Venice

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[order "The Cinnamon Phase" by Black Bear]

Black bear is a one-man band from Seattle, and his beautiful drawling is convincing...You are that black bear, the one in the creased suit standing in the middle of the big big city. The traffic and noises and streetlights are a buzzing whirlwind of electrified noises around your head. It's nauseating. You hate it. You're standing on a wet sidewalk and rain is pelting your coarse fur. Slowly reaching into a breast pocket, you pull out some bruised berries. Munching them reminds you of home, of a den and a forest. It's been centuries since you've been there, and a longing grows inside you. Again, you start to imagine hibernation and the feeling of that sincere warmth, its memory more real than any of the surrounding concrete and asphalt, those itineraries and these people.

image: Mathew Feyld

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Post-Paint Boy said...

Oh Dear God I Love Black Bear!