Monday, January 15, 2007

Wincing About Wincing the Night Away

The new Shins CD was recently leaked on the internet and my friend got a copy of it and played it for me, and as a huge fan of the Shins i was very suprised to find that i really despised most of the songs.

Now, i totally understand that despised is a very strong word, but i truly feel that it applies completely to my feelings as i was listening. There are a couple songs (like the single Phantom Limb) that warm my heart and give me the same feeling that i get when i listen to the CD Chutes Too Narrow but the majority of them were reaching for something sonic and experimental that they were completely unable to achieve. it ends up sounding contrived and over-produced.

It is, frankly, dissappointing.


Catastrophe Waitress said...

Ugh. I heard a leaked track and gagged.
Bleh. Not nearly as good as their other releases.

fascistsoundwaves said...

I have very little to say about The Shins. They were there for me on those 5 'o clock mornings in 8th grade, as I waited for my ride to early morning swim practice in an Oh-so Inverted World, and I appreciated their company. We've lost touch since then.

But I'm compelled to mention that I've been hearing new offerings from the Arcade Fire and Modest Mouse about lately. As with The Shins, their old faces are indeed changing, changing, changing.