Monday, February 19, 2007

countryside like b-movie background reels

The Arcade Fire - Headlights Look Like Diamonds
The Arcade Fire - The Woodlands National Anthem

This post has been two weeks in coming. One thing lead to another, and I've tripped and stumbled a week before finding the time for it. It's nothing phenomenal. It's a personal account that happens to concern The Arcade Fire (as if the world could use another).

Alone and driving south towards home a few weekends back, I wasn't focusing on anything at all: a sprawling concrete snake of freeway and bleak, grayish countryside don't usually make a striking case for my attention. This Arcade Fire EP was on in my car stereo, at the time. They released it in 2005, in lieu of "Funeral"'s commercial success. I've loved it no less. And just as the song "Headlights Look Like Diamonds," came on about half way through the EP, I noticed a peculiar thing. Bleak surroundings still remained such, and cars surrounding me were no more interesting than they had been, but I noticed that I and about five other cars in my immediate vicinity had assumed almost exactly the same cadence. We five were in-pace, to the extent that in my eyes, we indeed seemed to have stopped moving. Our wheels and engines no longer turned. The countryside rolled by under and around us, instead of us through it. Like some hokey, faux background reel behind a dated movie dialog inside an automobile. The scene seemed perfect, for some reason, and it was made surreal by the uncannily well-timed background music.


The Arcade Fire have a new album coming out soon called "Neon Bible," in case you've been sleeping under a rock. [learn]

image: from National Geographic. I just read a cool article on stars and gamma rays, so bear with the impact it has on my image selection.

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