Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Two Days!

And i'm going to New York. Now, since i'm going on a plane for 6 hours, i've decided to make a playlist to encompass all that i will likely be feeling and experiencing. As this takes a lot of anticipation on my part this playlist has taken 4 days to create. Heh.

Now, i'm not going to bore you with the details of the playlist, but i'm going to list a few highlights to express my mood of anticipation (these are from the section i like to call the overture, not intended for the flight but for the night before).

First of all, i must start off with Roll Over Beethoven by Chuck Berry to enjoy my pent up energy and general urge to dance like a motherfucker. Then the time has come for The Town Halo by A.C. Newman to really get things cookin with some of the most badass celo playing i've ever heard.

At this point i set up something to completely alter the mood and i put in Postcards From Italy by Beirut (which Sean still has to burn me) where i think about my destination--not that PFI even comes close to epitomising New York, but that it just seems to be representitive of taking a vacation. This euphoric moment as i truly realize where i'm going and what i'm going to be doing can only be justified by Gore Veil by The Deadly Snakes.

By now i'm going to most likely be thinking about the sleep i'll be needing, plus the serene beauty of New York in winter, plus the fact that i'm going to be missing all of my friends on the one 4-day weekend between now and spring break, and there is only one song that can really fit this mood-The Commander Thinks Aloud by The Long Winters.

That's my New York Overture, hope you enjoyed it.

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