Monday, February 05, 2007

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The Ponys - She's Broken

By the end of this song, album, article, The Ponys will still remain their own, undefinable selves. Through "Celebration Castle," the album on LA punk label In The Red, from which "She's Broken" beckons, this band redefines itself in each. successive. track. To the lowly, consoling "We Shot The World," to the conclusive, surfy high note of "Ferocious" on which the album ends, we are successively presented with new shades of this band's ability. "She's Broken" is an upbeat, haughty stomp in yet another direction. This time, the significant female vocal talent is in the spotlight. It's a quip about packing up and walking out and away from people, ideas, obsessions, broken love. Like pulling out a barb, and some flesh along with it. The Ponys recently signed to the larger Matador label, and should have their next release, "Turn The Lights Out," out later this year.[learn]

Boris with Michio Kurihara - Você Sorriu Como Uma Marca D'água


A step back and a gear down, we're at some strum-and-hum state of mind. In this coupling of talents, Boris presents another type of sound, one that's a break from killer album "Pink," and they're helped out by the talented Kurihara, who wails and pedals and slips in and out of hues right with them. Kurihara also "played with PSF legends White Heaven, helped Damon & Naomi reach an apex, and continues shredding in Ghost" [source]. Enjoy!

images by: fuco ueda (top left) Hugo (bottom)

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