Sunday, February 11, 2007

You Learn Something New Every Day

And today i learned that at times a person must step away from their assumed point of view (in my case that simply because i am more into music than another person i must therefore also be more insightful about that music) and understand that you can be wrong. In my case i was playing The Dead Milkmen for a friend and while i listened to them and assumed they were simply a precursor to LA Punk etc. my friend heard it and immediately spouted out "James Brown" and (after laughing a little bit) I stepped back and simply listened to the music without any previous knowledge about the band i realized, yes, it without a doubt sounded one hell of a lot like Funk.

I've been in other situations like this, most notably with Sparklehorse and the Fruit Bats compared to the Beatles, and it always fascinates me and deflates my overly large head a little bit. which i undoubtably can use.

Dead Milkmen- RC's Mom
Dead Milkmen- Smokin' Bananna Peels
James Brown- Living in America

And, on a completely Unrelated Subject, This Song is my new happy song.



fascistsoundwaves said...

A nice post here, Colin; the resemblances are unmistakable. In terms of precursors to punk, you're probably still right about that...the 'Milkmen were up and about in the mid-70s, weren't they?

This reminds me that I'd like to find some Dead Boys material. The Dead Boys and MC5, haha.

Hope you're well. Buzz buzz

Post-Paint Boy said...

yessir, dude i love mc5. if you like that, check out jesus and mary chain. casey played some for me and it was fucking godly. look into it